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Customer Testimonials

"The computer-based training produced by Daybreak Technology is first class. Store managers will find that the Grocery Store Safety courseware is fast, easy, and requires next to no maintenance."

Doug Henkin, President, Washington Food Industry

"Daybreak Technology's courses are in my opinion the best computerized safety training courses out there, bar none. I have worked with Doug Brown for several years and I am consistently impressed with the diligence with which he approaches each topic, and the fun that he designs into his training."

Michelle Copeland, President, Safety Learning Institute

"The Workforce Training Network's long-term relationship with Achieve and Daybreak Technology, by helping us enter the world of development of computer based training, has produced successes such as; a state-wide license for Achieve in Idaho's Technical Colleges, development of a real estate education program used throughout Idaho, access to safety courses, and employee orientation training for our regional clients."

Robert Ketchum, Chairman, Idaho Workforce Training Network

"The Daybreak Technology safety courseware saves us a lot of time and effort. The system does all the work for us and when employees have completed their training we are assured that they fully understand the material."

Steve Matzdorf, Safety Officer, F.O. Berg, Inc.

"Achieve Instructor is very easy to use. In a short period of time, we were able to learn how to develop courseware and then produce a viable product."

Ron McHanney, President, McHanney and Associates

"The custom Checkout training and Employee Orientation courses that Daybreak Technology developed for us work quite well. Our employees are trained much faster and have a better understanding of the material they need to be productive."

Karen Riba, Human Resources Manager, Tidymans LLC

"The Achieve safety courseware has been invaluable to us. We have also found the technical support and expertise from Daybreak Technology to be extremely helpful."

Rocky Jewel, Safety Officer, Dynamic Fabricators, Inc.

"After considerable research, we concluded that Achieve Instructor was the only authoring tool that we could use for our application. This authoring system has all the features found in the most sophisticated packages, but is much easier to use."

David Dose, Director, Fort Sherman Institute

"Daybreak Technology has been a pleasure to work with. They are very professional and focused."

Eric Anderson, President, Spokane International Translation, Inc.

"Daybreak Technology produces very high quality products. Their software and custom courseware is fully functional and easy to use."

Vern Jenkins, Director of Customized Training, North Idaho College

"Daybreak Technology gives unparalleled technical support. The Achieve Instructor authoring tool enables us to develop courseware 75% faster than other products with no loss of quality."

Maurece Vulcano, Development Manager, The DaMo Group

"The Bloodborne Pathogen course is very thorough and technically accurate. The material is also presented in a way that is both entertaining and interesting for students."

Julie Zink, Public Health Administrator, Spokane, Washington

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